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Celebrity Bank

You were born for this!

You are popular? So you need to have your own Digital Bank! Have you ever thought about earning an average of $11.00 a month on each of your fans at your Digital Bank? Besides being able to provide dozens of benefits, discounts, cashback and more for each of them, you create a lot more value to your brand and your fan loyalty! Let Holding RPX do it for you today!I want to know more

Main features

  • Integration with all your Social Networks
  • Digital Bank with: Current Account, Balance, Extract.
  • Interbank and Interbank Transfers
  • Magnetic card
  • POS machine
  • ATM for service
  • Various Languages
  • Apps: iOS, Android, and more
  • RPX Channel
  • RPX Partners
  • Instant Payment

Ideal solution for:


If you are popular, you must have a Digital Bank with your name!

Fan Clubs

Bring your associates to your idol's fan club!

Holding RPX

Founded in 2020 by Rafael Pimenta, Holding RPX is a company that aims to serve as a curator for all companies with technological innovation in old age sectors. Below it, large groups stand out, operating in various sectors such as energy, healthcare, funds, finance, banks, tourism, specialized marketing, food, digital assets, real estate, logistics, advisory and consulting.

  • Digital Bank with your brand
  • +100 services for your account holders
  • Complete infrastructure

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