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The Card that does it all!

Help your customers enjoy the unique benefits of your business, shop and consume at any store, earn points at accredited merchants, make international purchases in the prepaid credit function, and more!I want to know more

Main differentials

  • Credit Card
  • Prepaid card
  • Debit Card
  • Shopping Card
  • Gift Card
  • Corporate Card
  • Fuel Card
  • Food Card
  • Student CardId

What is your model?

Holding RPX

Founded in 2020 by Rafael Pimenta, Holding RPX is a company that aims to serve as a curator for all companies with technological innovation in old age sectors. Below it, large groups stand out, operating in various sectors such as energy, healthcare, funds, finance, banks, tourism, specialized marketing, food, digital assets, real estate, logistics, advisory and consulting.

  • Digital Bank with your brand
  • +100 services for your account holders
  • Complete infrastructure

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